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Mt. Jo

This has been one of our quietest fall seasons on the blog, so thought we’d pop by with a little update.  Since finishing our 46 this spring, we’ve been setting ourselves up for lots of adventures of a new kind to come.  See, there was one picture from our 46r finish in March that we held out:


We are excited to share that I had a stowaway on board this spring, who I carried up Allen, Marshall, Skylight, Gray, Cliff, and Redfield, making her an unofficial 6r before she’s even born.  (She will have to do them herself if she wants to be a 46r too someday!)  She’s (I’m) a lot bigger now, and looks like this:


Mt. Jo – 33 weeks

Our little 6r is due next month, so we took advantage of our last free weekend before the “35 week travel moratorium” kicks in to go up to the high peaks for some fall color.  It seemed everyone else had the same idea, because the lot at HPIC was totally full.  We had to park way down ADK Loj Rd., but no huge deal.  We chose Mt. Jo, for a nice distance-to-reward ratio, and a known trail.  We got a beautiful day.


Mt. Jo summit view

The 2 mile hike up and down Mt. Jo was about a tenth of the distance of our last few hikes in March, but it wasn’t easy!  Hiking in 3rd trimester is a bit like hiking with a loaded pack that also impedes your view of your feet/footing.  The ascent is also much harder work!  We made it up and down just fine though, and it was nice to do something “normal,” in a world where my bikes are all off limits, and running is too uncomfortable.  Although it certainly isn’t normal that I let Chris carry everything!  I just carried a Camelbak to stay hydrated.  We had dinner in Lake Placid afterwards, a luxury compared to our usual long hiking days.

I’ve now hiked in the high peaks at both ends of the pregnancy – 8 weeks (and less), and 8 months.  In the early days, some of the challenges were finding calorie sources that were safe (i.e. no listeria risk) and stomach-soothing, and being a little more tired than usual.  Sport nutrition drinks (which doubled to help keep them from freezing in March), crackers, cheese, and nut butter & jam sandwiches worked pretty well.  Now in month 8, setting reasonable distance and elevation goals, sufficient hydration, balance, and being able to reach and bend over any scrambles (or just avoiding them) are the big ones.

7 weeks from now, give or take, we will be welcoming the new addition to our hiking group.  We look forward to sharing our adventures as a family of 3!


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